Looking for the best free timesheet software for Windows?

A timesheet (Timesheet software) is a way to record the amount of a workers time in a Project spend on activities per job.

Looking for a Windows application that does manage timesheets?
Project Timer Free might be you’re best answer.

Timesheet software for windowsProject Timer is timesheet software for Windows right from your Windows trayicon / notification area. It has a free and Pro version. You can quickly start tracking your time from your trayicon with the touch of a button using the free version.

The Project Timer free versions main limitation is that you can’t export your timesheet data to Excel directly. That aside, Project Timer Free has all the features needed for anyone who bills on a time or project basis, because Project Timer free does allow you to export your data to a html browser. (With ads) You can then easily cut and paste the html data into a mail or save it as a .html file to attach it to a mail. (The ads will not copy)

You can also copy and paste your timesheet data to a Word doc and make an invoice that way.

If you use the product a lot, you might want to upgrade to the Pro version after a while. The full product, Project Timer Pro, can be bought for € 19,95 at any time you are ready to use expert functions like export to csv, export to excel, sync in the Project Timer Cloud, invoicing and elaborate report styles.


Download a copy of Project Timer Free here and give it a try today

Download free version

Download free version

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Advantages of Time tracking / Timesheets

Time tracking and timesheets can lower costs by:

  • making payroll processing more efficient
  • making costs visible so you can lower them
  • automating billing & invoicing.

Time tracking can increase revenue through billing, which tends to make it easier for a company to get correct invoices out for all hours worked by staff. This speeds up payment and eliminates ‘dropping’ bills.

Project Timer - Trayicon Timer for Windows

The timer can be minimized and run the trayicon while you do your work!

By lowering costs and increasing revenue timesheet software can improve the health of companies.In project management, timesheets can also be used to build a body of knowledge about how much effort tasks take to develop. For example if developing a training plan has historically taken a month, then it can be assumed that creating a new one will take a month. Also most timesheet software has the ability to track resource costs and project expenses to allow for better future budgeting.
For the HR function, the time spent on activities by individuals can be analyzed over a period of time and categorized into broad types. Based on the outcome roles can be realigned.

Is it Timesheet or time sheet? Look up time sheet or timesheet software in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

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