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Project time tracking for Windows

ProjectTimer is a free and powerful Windows time tracker that runs in the task bar notification area. ProjectTimer allows you manage how much time you've spend on your projects. ProjectTimer stores your data locally, so your data is yours. There's no need to login using the local free version.

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Team Cloud subscription trial

You can start your free Team Cloud subscription trial from the ProjectTimer program interface. (Please note that you need to download and install ProjectTimer first)

Once installed you can open the Cloud icon in ProjectTimer and click on the “Start a free team cloud trial for 30 days here…”.



By default 5 users

The trial you start from our interface will give you 5 users to test out the cloud subscription for 30 days. No strings attached and no payment information necessary during that period.

Within the 30 days trial period you can buy your subscription to continue with your trial data. If you do nothing your trial will automatically end.

(Do you need more users in the trial period? Please use the form below)


More than 5 users in the trial period?

Do you need more than 5 users in your trial period? Please use the form on the right to start your trial period.
We’ll set you up manually during business days.

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