Dunes has released Project Timer – Major (13-05-2018)
+Numerous bugfixes and features see https://www.projecttimer.com/releases/

Changes in Project Timer (Changes since public major

– Show project empty status in add-project dialogs
– Decimal time resolution in reports

– Issues fixed when internet connection is unavailable
– Bug toggle timer in past Fixed
– New icon for project settings

– Restricted user option that allows only timing of activities

– Paste password with spaces fixed
– New icons in interface
– Project icon follows project color
– Save detailed report CSV format update
– Option to not open PDF
– New invoice opens all settings
– User management updated
– Non standard currency issue in tables fixed
– Admin user save issue fixed
– Option to retrieve cloud projects by selection
– Filter in group grid

– Option for contact name before client name
– Remember last settings for add project dialog
– Use autocompletion for available projects in add project dialog
– More digits for decimal time
– Export detailed CSV
– Directly save password after connect


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