Project time tracking for Windows using Project Timer

Project time tracking
Project time tracking using timesheet freeware software Project Timer

Project time tracking for Windows is easy with Project Timer. When a timer is running, Project Timer will start spinning slowly in the windows tray and the use color correspondent to the color of the defined project. During the project, you can use the report function to generate timesheet overviews to show to your client or manager. Once a project completes, you can use the timer data to create invoices. The invoice report module includes a way to track the status of the invoices you have sent out.

Project Timer is a timesheet Windows freeware application to time your Projects. Your timer data is available in timesheets and gives a clear overview of your activities. Project Timer runs from your Windows taskbar notification area. You can start a timer from a project list using the tray icon or from the main screen.

Project time tracking is the best way to never forget or lose hours!

Project Timer grid options

Project time tracking using timesheets using Project Timer

The project timer grid allows you to enter free data to correct the hours you spend on activities. You can export the timer data from the project to several formats like Excel, comma-separated files, HTML, and pdf.

Project time tracking with optional Team cloud subscription

With the optional Team cloud subscription in Project Timer, you can sync your projects to the cloud. It also enables you to collaborate with other cloud users on projects. You can define roles like “Project owner” and read en write rights to manage users who can look into your cloud projects. For example, you can set up your connected cloud users to be able to create reports, but not to alter activities in the project. The admin of the team can send invoices from within Project Timer using the Team cloud account.

Create reports for management and clients

Send your customers and managers detailed reports of the hours worked on a Project. You can also enter the number of hours spent manually. You can filter users, tasks, and periods in our report module. You can also combine multiple projects into one report.

Many report filters available

In the report area of Project Timer, you filter on client, users, projects, tasks, status, and report periods. Once you find the right set of filters, you can save it in a setting.

Project time tracking to collaborate with Teams

The Project Timer client is completely free. However, to collaborate using the cloud, we offer a Cloud subscription per cloud user. Users can work together as teams in projects. Users can start and stop their timers for a Cloud Project from their clients using a Cloud subscription.

Project Timer running
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