Invoicing software for Windows. Project Timer does it all.

Invoicing software for Windows; why use it?

Invoicing software for Windows screenshotIf you run your own business, whether on your own or with employees, you likely manage your books. You require a reliable way on your own computer to keep track of customers, invoicing, and payment processing. You’d like it on your own computer instead of in the cloud because you do not want to be depending on another party or share more than you need to. Instead of having a dedicated accountant or outsourcing, you can manage these elements with billing and invoicing software for Windows.

Project Timer Pro is invoicing software for Windows.

Project Timer is a light, fast, simple, non-intrusive Windows taskbar application to assists you with your workflow for administrating and billing hours. It features an easy installation and clean uninstall. Our project timer is a simple but very powerful windows application in the taskbar notification area to create invoices under Windows. The use of color will give a fast overview of which Project Timer is running in the taskbar notification area (tray icon)

Sync data in the cloud

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You can export your data into reports using the browser or import it in Excel and a simple backup of the data can be zipped, mailed and imported to keep your data safe. Project Timer Pro also allows you to import hours spend by co-workers or freelancers and features extra import and export methods. Sometimes you need to edit your hours afterward. This is no problem using the “administrate” panel. You can remove, add, and edit activities to your projects. The Cloud version allows you to collaborate with other users and teams to sync your project data. The cloud version is a subscription-based service.

Who needs invoicing for Windows?

The application areas are: advertising, small business, design, web design, healthcare, consulting and accounting, as long as you are working on a Windows machine.

Software for invoicing helps you keep track of the billing for your company. You can create invoices and reports, send bills, and process payments, all in this single program. Many features are free and registering your copy will offer additional features that make your job easier.

 Use your own template in Project Timer

Customizing invoices may be important to you if your personal aesthetic reflects on your company. If the look of your invoices does not matter to you, you may not be concerned with the number of templates or whether you can edit them. You can get your custom design in Project Timer by asking for a quote here:

Download Project Timer free version

Download free invoicing software for Windows: Project Timer

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