Show timers totals per day, per week or per month

In many cases it is necessary to track your timers per day, per week or per month. Since update 1.1.4 it is possible to only display the timer totals within a given period (like day, week, month, etc). To switch this on, follow the next steps:

  • Open the settings page in the administration window
  • Find the option  ‘Popup tracking period’ in the settings screen.
  • Select which period you want to display


By selecting the option, only the timer totals (per project and overall) are summarized over the given period, but the older timer information is still stored and available for reporting, invoicing and so on.

Only the ‘actual’ period is taken into account in the summary, so if the tracking period is ‘per day’ then only the timers of this day are shown, and if the tracking period is ‘per week’ only the timers of this week are shown.

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